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January 19, 2013

SaaS in Europe - It's Still Early Days

I recently made another trip to Europe to speak with Oracle partners who were interested in understanding business considerations related to building a successful Software-as-a-Service business. Last November, I also spoke to a packed house of interested Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) near London about SaaS and its many business considerations.  The audience was quite engaged and asked a lot of questions and from that meeting it appeared that SaaS was starting to become a real strategic consideration for many European ISVs as they were thinking through their 2013 strategies. It is also important to remember that Europe is not like the United States, in that it  comprises many different countries, markets, languages and cultures.  As an example, what is popular in the UK may not be of interest to ISVs in other parts of Continental Europe. I have always felt that the SaaS business model would play well in Europe, because the software buyers are: • Price conscious • Want to pay-as-they-go • Like the idea of trying software before you buy it • Geographically dispersed The traditional concerns around SaaS are now beginning to be resolved, especially relating to data sovereignty and security. These were many of the same issues that were holding back SaaS in... Read more

OpenWorld 2012: Oracle's Cloud Business Becomes Clearer

September 30, 2012
This year's OpenWorld conference was really big, with more than 50,000 attendees and a number of venues across downtown San Francisco.  The big news wasn't the size of the show but the sharpening of Oracle's strategy as it relates to the Cloud. Larry Ellison has long stated that the hype over Cloud Computing was ridiculous, considering... Read more

Dreamforce 2012: Major Cloud Tour de Force

September 21, 2012
The Dreamforce conference was a Cloud tour de force for, with 90,000 individual attendees and more than 350 companies, which more than doubled last year's visitor numbers in their cloud exposition. No Cloud Convincing Needed Marc Benioff was definitely preaching to the Cloud choir.  No-one at the conference had to be... Read more

SaaS Business Profile: Lumesse

April 16, 2012
  Company:             Lumesse Started:                  2003 Located:                Guildford, UK Geography:          Global Market:                  HCM, Integrated Talent Management and Learning  Products:              Lumesse TalentLink and Lumesse Learning Key Customers:  Siemens, Heineken, Levi Strauss & Co, Nike,... Read more

Montclare Acquires Dreamsimplicity

March 23, 2013
We are really pleased to announce that Montclare has acquired DreamSimplicity, the leading social site for software professionals, technology...

SaaS Business Profile: TOA Technologies

January 28, 2013
Company:         TOA TechnologiesStarted:             2003Located:           Cleveland, OhioGeography:      GlobalMarket:              Field Service...

Four Emerging Hybrid SaaS Strategies

January 24, 2013
Gartner projects that the global SaaS market will grow to more than $21 billion by 2015, with a CAGR in excess of 15%.  This means that the SaaS...

5 Tips For Starting a SaaS Business

December 08, 2012
At Montclare, I work with many different types and sizes of software firms that are jumping into the SaaS business model for the first time.   Here...

SaaS Business Profile: Apptegic

November 01, 2012
Company:                     Apptegic Started:                          2010 Located:                        Somerville, Massachusetts Geography...

Dreamforce 2012: Montclare Interviews CEO of DocuSign

September 20, 2012
Kevin Dobbs, CEO at Montclare interviews Keith Krach, CEO at DocuSign at Dreamforce 2012 about their latest news including recent funding round and...

Product Update: Workday 17

August 24, 2012
Workday continues to rollout new versions of their SaaS product suite about every four months and their most recent release is Workday 17.  This...

The Maturing of the Social Enterprise

March 12, 2012
After attending CloudForce conference in San Francisco last week it started to become apparent that’s strategy around the Social...